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Golf Tips and Golf Drills


Golf Fundamentals


Swing Path
Pre Shot Routine
Solving Problems
Take A Lesson
Play A Range Round

Full Swing


Feet Together Drill
Weight Shift Two Step
The Power Turn
One Piece Turn
Power Positions
Swish Drill
Swish Drill
Inside the Stripe
Balance and Tempo
The Driver

Short Game


Chipping Stroke
Track Drill
Extended Club
Up and Down
Flight and Roll
The Pitch Shot
Pitch Drill
Putting Basics
Perfect Putting
Tracking Strokes
Five in a Row
Batting Average
Sand Shot
Sand Tee Drill
Two Line Drill
Fairway Bunker

Fix Your Slice



Slice Basics 2


Slice Basics 3


Slice Basics 4


Seven Steps


Feet Together Drill 2


Release/Split Grip


Right Foot Back


Inside the Stripe 2


Weight Shift Two Step 2


Flying Elbows


Understanding the Slice


Quick Fix




Basic Setup Record