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Slice Basics 2

The clubface being open to the swing path may be the technical cause of all slices but it.s the outside-to-inside swing that makes the slice so complicated and so difficult to cure. An outside-to-inside swing will in most circumstances encourage you to hit the ball with an open clubface producing a slice. Yes, you could hit a pull or a pull hook, but this occurs far less frequently than the slice. For most golfers both the open clubface and the outside-to-inside swing work together to cause the slice. If you cure just one factor you will most likely still slice! This is what makes the slice so difficult to cure. If all slices were hit with a straight swing path (just with the clubface open), the slice would be a relatively easy problem to cure.

The slice causes more frustration and confusion than any other problem in golf. If you follow your natural tendencies when trying to correct your slice you.ll actually slice more. When a slice begins golfers often try to correct it by hitting with a more outside-to-inside swing aiming the ball more to the left and letting it slice back to the right. Once you have an outside-to-inside swing the slice becomes very complicated. If you do square up the clubface (to the swing path), you.ll wind up with a pull. So golfers quickly learn to keep the club open a little. Then if you do manage a straight swing (with the clubface open) the ball still slices and may wind up even further to the right than before. In effect your better swings can make your slice seem worse.

The only effective way to cure the slice is a two step procedure. You must work on only one factor at a time. If you try to work on both the open clubface and the outside-to-inside swing at the same time you will become confused, overwhelmed and doom yourself to failure. It.s almost like you can.t cure the slice by trying to cure the slice. It.s too complicated. This frustration results in some golfers going through endless cycles of trying to cure their slice. Others resign themselves to living with the slice forever. Some even quit playing.
written by Joe Davidson

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